There's a lot to celebrate this holiday season! This past year has seen an incredible response to our new music and videos. We are rapidly approaching 400K downloads and streams on Spotify alone in the past 5 or so months, in 65 countries! Both videos have had about 10K views each on youtube. This is mainly due to tastemakers with a large audience getting behind a song or video and adding it to their playlists. I know French, German, English, and American radio, and playlists have been especially supportive! So thank you, guys, for pressing play and sharing!

I'm extremely excited to announce that Atom Smith and his Bass Age Big Band will have their maiden voyage at the 10th Annual Edwardian Ball, Los Angeles, on February 9th. That's right, I've pulled together the best band ever to play these songs - and can't wait to drop this bomb in front of a live audience. I can think of nowhere I'd rather do this than at the Edwardian Ball.


REVIEW December 2018 - Juno

The guys at Freshly Squeezed have delivered us a delicious treat with this one as we delve into series 2.2 of 'Blue Cover', a fantastic collection project designed to bring out the most creative swing infused creations. Wolfgang Lohr kicks us off in collaboration with The Speakeasy Three for an authentic big band 4x4 fusion. Next, Nat Gonella and Pisk provide us with more horn led grooves before Atom Smith turns up the sauce alongside Miss Emmma on 'Not Sorry Charlie'. BURKEY then joins Atom Smith on the catchy riffs of 'Bright Like Hollywood', before we finish up on The Swing Bot's masterpiece in 'Midnight Purple'.

Electro Swing Party

Released December 15, 2018 on Wagram Music. Bart & Baker continue to define the genre with their enormously popular series!

Bluecover Series 2.2

Out December 7, 2018 on Freshly Squeezed. We're back with PiSk, Wolfgang Lohr, Swingbot, Burkey, Miss Emmma, Elliot Deutsch, David Raven, James Carter, Ben Burget, and Tom Semon!

Bright Like Hollywood EP

Released September 14, 2018 on Freshly Squeezed we're back with 4 new bangers featuring Burkey, Miss Emmma, Fats Waller, David Raven, Elliot Deutsch, Ben Burget, Tom Semon and more!

Bluecover Series 2.1

Released August 3, 2018 on Freshly Squeezed Music. We're in great comnpany on this one! JAWN, Swingbot, PiSk, Burkey and I. It's a best of the last 4 EPs!

Flashin' Like Gatsby EP

Out April 20, 2018 on Freshly Squeezed featuring Burkey (Vokab Kompany), Limbs Akimbo, Emma Clair, Andy McBain, Emma Nation, James Carter & Tom Semon.

Aisha Badru "Bridges"

Released April 2018 on Nettwerk Music. This was my most popular track on Soundcloud this year! Just a lovely song and I love when I get to get trippy...

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In anticipation of our upcoming release Freshly Squeezed radio has been leaking the new tracks out on their monthly radio show. We are long-standing fans of the show and it's very exciting to be part of it!





Atom Smith is a musician, producer, Dj, remixer, songwriter, audio engineer living in Los Angeles, CA His first solo EP comes out April 20, 2018 on Freshly Squeezed Music, UK. He is currently in studio remixing scores of artists such as Bart & Baker, La Machine De Reve, Lamuzeqeule, Donna De Lory, Jules&Jim, Kenny Dread and many more.

Smith has toured extensively all over the world with many projects, most notably: The Gentlemen Callers Of Los Angeles, The Mutaytor, Mickey Hart & The Rhythm Devils. 



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